Come on metaphysics, vibrations and manifestations 

Can you perform under pressure?

I'm open, ready and willing 
So what affirmations do you still need? 
I do sound reassured of what I want and need 
I can't sound as if I "want" 
I must affirm that I already have what I want.

Wanting resonates "to want" 
Having resonates "to have."

I've done the procedure 
Chanting every day 
More than once.

I'm exasperated by the process 
But I must be persistent 
Or the Universe will misinterpret 
My intentions and vibrations.

I must let go of the desire 
Although it's burning inside me.

I see, it must only be a preference.

I'm cheating the Universe.

I'm told 
I have everything I want 
And need 
This very moment.

So, I look 

It's dark 
I see nothing.

AuthorAlicia Mannix