Know the place 
follow the road 
carry a map 
ask directions. 
in the fog 
and the dark 
is bitterly endless 
and aimless.

Sit down 
sleep a little 
wake up at dawn 
ask for guidance 
draw a map.

Join a circle 
share a story‑‑ 

Others may teach 
new and old thoughts. 
You'll hear answers 
blanks will be filled.

Joining others 
makes life 
grow in the desert 
through the sand and the 

live the seeds of hope.

AuthorAlicia Mannix

oh, chocolate 

how I love you 
how my body 
craves you 
how I delight 
rubbing my tongue against your sweetness 
and melting ecstasy 

then I grieve 
when the wrapper 
is empty 
and wished the time 
would last 
a little longer....

so I reach for another 
and eat 
with guilt and shame 
I now feel a buzz 
and dolling senses 
I space out 
and decide to begin a new life 
with inner joy ...... 

AuthorAlicia Mannix

what to do, say, think 

where to go, where to be 

And feel 
how to unthink, not feel 
how to see the thinking 
with the thought of a thinker 
with no thought? is no thought a thought of No Thought? 

Mind Blank
only sees with inner eye

inner eye sees no thought

Mind Fooled of no thought

No Thought, No Mind, No Feeling!

unfold your legs, open your eyes 
See, Think, Feel

get up; rethink the thought of no thought and No Mind

Think, think hard! can't remember the no mind!? write it down

nothing to say

Just Be, Feel the Now

until it's gone

to the thought of No Thought and No Mind

AuthorAlicia Mannix

Coffee or tea 
Will you meet me 
At the corner shop 
So we can swap 
Tales and insights 
And turn on lights 
That are burning 
And yearning 
For a glow 
To go 
And see 
So you can be 
Out of the dark 
And mark 
Opening of a heart 
So true life can start.

AuthorAlicia Mannix

Dear Stomach,

When there is void 
are you the only one 
that keeps turning 
and moving inside 

When there isn't void 
but hope 
joy and laughter
do you stop? 

Or pretend to be unnoticed 

AuthorAlicia Mannix