PORTLAND, OREGON – Ashland, Oregon artist Alicia Mannix will help mark Women’s History Month and celebrate her faith with a dual exhibit of her paintings and art at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center in Portland.

Mannix will exhibit “Feminine Fertility/Abstract Judaica” in March at the Lenore Donin Liebreich Art Gallery in the Mittleman community center, with an artist’s reception to kick off the month-long exhibit.

"Exhibiting during Women's History Month is important to me," said Mannix. "It seems to be a great time to show this vein of my art. For me, when I paint in my women and children themes, it's really painting myself, celebrating myself. To me it signifies my femininity, which usually is connected to my body and childrearing."

The main focus of the show is women's history, Mannix said, but the other half of the show, "Abstract Judaica" is about her Jewish faith and her celebration of it.

"There is going to be a collection of Kabbalah-inspired art, based on my love for and enthusiasm in the study of mystical Judaism," Mannix said.

"It should reveal to viewers my fascination with Hebrew letters and their mystical qualities."

"I have been copying the Torah randomly on antique colored paper, then cutting them up, tearing them apart and putting them together as collages," she said. "Most above say Yad/hey Vov/hey, or the unspeakable name of God."

"I just love the way the Hebrew text looks," Mannix said. "The body of Hebrew writing is just beautiful to me. It evokes this unknown feeling to me, this feeling like I know these letters from somewhere. I feel this generic knowledge of them."

Mannix is a Jewish immigrant, born in Jawor, Poland. She moved to the United Stated at age 16 with her parents, grew up in Baltimore, and holds a Master's Degree in liberal arts with an art history concentration from Johns Hopkins University.

Mannix debuted as a painter in 1999 with instant success in sales to collectors and with exhibits, including both coasts and multiple solo shows on the west coast. Her style captivates people of all ages with an array of bold and alluring colors and images, and depthfully soulfelt and touching renderings of women and children, which paintings in acrylic will make up the main body of her exhibit at the MJCC.

Mannix's art has been acquired by collectors and chosen to grace a fundraising product label and the cover of a Gold Beach travel magazine. She teaches her painting style in workshops, "Doodlism: Defeating Fear of the Blank Canvas."

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