First Friday December 7, 2001 ~ 5 p.m.
December 7-31, 2001 at Nuwandart Gallery, 258 A Street, Ste. 2, Ashland

By Plastic World NewsASHLAND, Oregon -- Plstc.Wrld.Nws -- Ashland, Oregon, artist Alicia Mannix will debut her latest stylistic bend toward functional art as part of a collective display in December at Nuwandart Gallery in Ashland.

The show, "Nuwandart Gift Shop: The Typical Ashland Art Gallery," opens 5 p.m. First Friday, December 7, 2001, and features a baker's dozen-plus artists, including new art by Mannix -- "functional art" such as paintings on tables and a portion of fencing -- and four of her newest paintings.

The show will be Mannix's second at Nuwandart, since her July debut solo show, "Boots, Wheels and Goddesses."

Titles including "Tree of Life," "Two or More," and others, make up a microtransition in Mannix's style, while two tables, crafted by a Torah classmate, burst with her stylistic presence.

Mannix will donate two other tables to her synagogue, and show at Walker School in January

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