Alicia Mannix exhibits in Washington, D.C.

First east coast show for Ashland, Oregon, artist.

November 8, 2002
By Jim Reece

ASHLAND, OREGON-- Ashland artist Alica Mannix will join five colleagues in Washington D.C. November 8 for an exhibit of her new paintings inspired by the group's journey to Spain.

The exhibit, "Six In Spain" opened Friday November 8, 2002, at the
Artist's Museum, 406 7th Street NW in Washington. It will be the first of three painting exhibitions for Mannix in a five-month span, and her first out of Oregon and also on the east coast..

"The work is inspired by the incredible workshop that we were a part of in Frigiliana, Spain," Mannix said. The six were part of an Art Trekking
sojourn to the small, sleepy town near the Spanish Riviera.

Art Trekking, owned by D.C. resident and artist Rosalind Burns, takes
artists on location to Spain, Burns' homeland Chile and D.C. for painting
and artistic workshops with tutelage by professionals of multiple genres.

The group dreamed up the exhibit after seeing Spain in May, said Mannix. It was her first time to that country, where before workshops she visited the Joan Miro Museum in Barcelona, and found quite an influence.

"I was extremely transformed," Mannix said. "His art was very moving to me. I love doing childlike work, and his work seems like that of a
child's, although with a master's sophistication and depth, and a fondness for expression I equally share.

"There were a lot of larger pieces that were very impactful. He was using a lot of black borders and primary colors, which is what I love to do. So I found a lot of similarities in his work with mine."

Mannix plans to show her acrylic "Miro's Barcelona" in the "Six In Spain"

"I used the colors of Spain in it. Pastel and white. Colors totally not

"Six In Spain" will feature the art of Art Trekking owner Burns, plus
works by George Pierson of Silver Springs, Maryland, Irene Guy of
Tallahassee, Florida, and Mark Steele of Boston, and photography by Steve Silver of Alexandria, Virginia. Mannix will also host a two-day painting workshop, "Doodlism: Defeating Fear of the Blank Canvas," Saturday and Sunday November 9-10.

Mannix, born in Jawor, Poland, now resides in Ashland, Oregon. She is a
former Baltimore resident and took her bachelor's degree in art history at University of Maryland and master's in liberal arts with art history
concentration from Johns Hopkins University. The exhibit will be a
homecoming for her as her family still lives in Baltimore.

In March 2003, Mannix and her daughter Aletta Mannix will have a joint
display of paintings at Nuwandart Gallery in Ashland, Oregon, featuring
Alicia's Doodlistic -- doodle-born abstract expressionism, and boldly
colorful acrylics on canvas -- with Aletta's series of nudes with fruit,
which Alicia said her daughter renders "Van Goughish" with generous
pallette knife work.

Also in March, Mannix will solo exhibit to celebrate Women's History Month at the Lenore Donin Liebreich Art Gallery at the Mittleman Jewish
Community Center In Portland, Oregon, showing two new series, "Women's Genre" and "Abstract Judaica."

In April, she plans to show her work at D’Vine, 205 W. Cannon Perdido in Santa Barbara, California.

"Six In Spain" runs November 6-29.

Mannix's art may be seen in her virtual gallery at;
Doodlism workshop and Art Trekking info is at; photos of the six artists in Spain are at; Nuwandart Gallery info can be found at; and Liebreich Art Gallery's web site and info is at

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